Advertising in the 

We pride ourselves in the fact that the Australian Swimsuit Edition has been a virtually add free Magazine since it's launch.
Unlike other publications that are made up of around 90% Advertising and 10% Content. We  have tried to make the magazine 95% Content and 5% Advertising. We have also knocked back advertising based on our outlook of content being our priority. However, since the magazine also became a free download as of April 2011. This combined with the lack of advertising revenue has affected our ability to expand and grow the business to it's full potential.

There is no doubt that the magazine has a large following and an ever increasing readership. We are also now aware that the "Australian Swimsuit Edition" Name. Does have some amazing pulling power that can and does benefit those that are featured in each issue. However that relies on those featured to make the most of the exposure.

The fact that we have a close relationship with Swimsuit Illustrated Magazine has also had on flowing benefits to both the Australian Swimsuit Edition and those featured in each issue.

We have now come to the next stage of our development. Advertising Sales. Will still plan to keep content as the dominating percentage. However. We will now allow more advertising into the magazine.

We have endeavoured to keep our add rates as low as possible. We are sure that you wont find any other publication similar to ours, that  has such a strong position in the industry that it targets. Being Swimsuit Modelling, Photography, Swimsuit Labels, Competitions and more.

For our Advertising Rates, Specs and Info. Please click on the 2011 Media Cover to download the PDF