April 2008

Age: 23
Year of birth: 1985
Star Sign Aries
Eye colour: dark brown
Hair colour: dark brown
Hair length: long
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Dress size: 10-12
Shoe: 8

Bust: 92 cm
Waist: 80 cm
Hips:90 cm
Bra:12 B


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Q and A's with Amy
Where were you born? Macksville, N.S.W
Favourite car? V8 Supercars
Favourite colour? pink
Favourite movie? Dirty Dancing
Favourite TV show? Family Guy, My Name is Earl
What kind of music do you listen to? anything i can move to.. mainly hip hop
What are some of your turn ons? honesty, good humour
What are some turn offs? fake people, 
What makes a woman sexy? being confident in herself
What do you sleep in? undies and a singlet
Hobbies? playing guitar and piano, singing, cooking and horse-riding
What are some of your ambitions? to be one of justin timberlakes back up dancers
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? happily married w a family and still dancing
Interesting facts about yourself? i put together and perform in a dance show which travels
regularly to india
What do you do on a day off? go to the beach or shopping with my boyfriend or friends
What are two things most people don't know about you? i was a sydney roosters
cheerleader for 3 years and i lived in sydney for the last 5 years
Who or what inspires you? talented dancers who have made their own way there
What are you most proud of? everything thats part of my life so far
What is a common phrase you use? anything thats funny out of a movie at the time
If your friends could describe you, what word would they use? fun
What piece of clothing could you not live without? undies
How long have you been modelling? this is my first time except for a couple of comps when
i was young
How did you get into Modelling? through my dancing
List some of your Modelling career highlights/Credits: i made it to the final of model
quest when i was young. but this is my first swimsuit shoot
What's your best feature? my smile
Where can we see more of you? stay tuned!
What Competitions have you been in? none as yet

Photography: Peter Rollans

Hair done by: Pacific Bay Hair Studio

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2008 . | Peter Rollans - Australian Swimsuit Edition.