December 2008

Q and A's with this months Cover Girl - Zeana
Favourite car? SS Ute (BLACK) And Brads Orange Sandman
Favourite colour? White
Favourite movie? Bruce Almighty
Favourite TV show? Family Guy
What kind of music do you listen to?
What are some of your turn ons?
Sports, motorbikes, boys 
What are some turn offs?
Motorbike Riding
What are some of your ambitions?
To Live Life To The Fullest
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
On An Island Holiday

Interesting Facts About Yourself : I Love Motorbikes, The Beach And Getting Up to Mischief
With My Friends
Most Embarrassing Moment: Walking Around With Chocolate On My Mouth For Hrs
What Do You Do On Your Day Off: Go To The Beach And Hang Out With Friends
What Are Two Things Most People Dont Know About You: I Love Food And Love Motorbikes
Who Inspires You: My Brothers
If Your Friends Could Describe You What Word Would They Use: Boy
What Piece Of Clothing Could You Not Live Without: Anything



Year Of Birth: 1990

Star Sign: Aires

Nationality: Australian, Chinese and Hawaiian

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown

Bust: 82cm

Waist: 65cm

Hips: 78cm

Height: 162cm

Weight: 42 kilos

Dress Size: 6-8

Shoe: 7 & 8

The one thing Im absolutely obsessed with lately is... Shoes

On a quiet, rainy day I usually...Watch movies

If I didn't have any responsibilities tomorrow id spend tonight... Partying till I dropped

If I dint have any responsibilities for a week, I would go to... Fiji

If you asked my friends about me the first thing that they would tell you is that... Im a motorbike fanatic

If I was going to a costume party tonight I would dress up as... Captain underpants

If I had to spend $1 million dollars right now Id...Go shopping

If I had to spend $10 right now Id buy... Chocolate

If I had to spend $1 right now id buy... A $1 lottery ticket

The one place I have seen that I will never forget is... Burleigh Heads

I wont date a man if he...Was really Hairy

When I open my eyes in the morning, the very first thing on my mind is... closing them again haha

If I could be anything but a model, I would be...A Motorbike Mechanic

In a group of people Im always the first to...Laugh

My personal hero is...Casey Stoner

Wheres the one place you have to go to when youre in your hometown...Emerald



2008 . | Peter Rollans - Australian Swimsuit Edition.