June 2008

Year of birth: 1990
Star Sign: Pisces
Nationality: Australian
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Brown
Dress size: 6


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Q and A's with Beth
Favourite colour? Pink and green 
Favourite movie? Happily Never After and Crash 
Favourite TV show? Friends and Family Guy 
What kind of music do you listen to? All kinds 
What are some of your turn ons? Nice arms 
What are some turn offs? People who lie and cheat 
What makes a woman sexy? Her attitude 
What do you sleep in? Singlet and undies 
Hobbies? Hanging out with friends, moto riding 
What are some of your ambitions? Be famous :) 
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Married and happy with life 
Interesting facts about yourself? I eat ALOT 
What do you do on a day off? Sleep in and hang out with my boy 
Who or what inspires you? 'You only live once' 
If your friends could describe you, what word would they use? Energetic 
What piece of clothing could you not live without? Jeans 

The one thing I'm absolutely obsessed with lately is ... making my own cocktails 
On a quiet, rainy day I usually ... stay in bed 
If I were giving a tour of my home, the one place I wouldn't show anyone is ...under my bed 
In a past life I was ... a very fat man 
If I didn't have any responsibilities tomorrow morning, I would spend tonight ... staying up really late and watching movies 
If I didn't have any responsibilities for a week, I would go to ... Gold Coast 
If you asked my friends about me, the first thing they would tell you is ... Im a happy person 
The last thing I really splurged on was ... Clothes 
If I were going to a costume party tonight, I would dress as ... 80's disco 
One thing I do only when I'm home completely alone is ... bubble bath 
If I had to spend $1 million right now, I would ...buy a house 
If I had to spend $10 right now, I would ... buy cake 
And if I had to spend $1 dollar right now, I would ... put it in the pokies 
The sexiest I've ever felt was ...when i dress up for my man 
I won't date a man if he ... is stuck-up, lies or cheats 
When I open my eyes in the morning, the very first thing on my mind is ... going back to sleep 
My favourite thing to do in the comfort of my own room is ... sleep and sleep and sleep 
If I could be anything but a model, I would be ... a race car driver/ninja/cowgirl :) 
If I could be anywhere else in the world right now, I would be ... in Hawaii 
In a group of people, I'm always the first to ... make a fool of myself 
My personal hero is ... my boyfriend
Where's the one place you have to go when you're in your hometown? the beach/the mall 

Photography: Peter Rollans

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2008 . | Peter Rollans - Australian Swimsuit Edition.