March 2011

Melanie Gowing

Nearest City: Gold Coast
Age: 26
Year of Birth: 1985
Nationality: Australian

Bust: 34inch
Waist: 26inch
Hips: 34inch

Eye Colour: Hazel Green
Hair Colour: Brunette
Hair Length: long
Height: 165cm

Work Styles:
Fashion: y
Fitness: y
Swimsuit: y
Lingerie: y
Sheer: n
Semi/Implied Topless: y

Bust: 34inch
Waist: 26inch
Hips: 34inch
Facebook Page url:
Modelling Credits:
regular promotional duties, occasional catwalk and photo work including recent photo shoot to promote Jelly Wrestling event with Gold Coast Bulletin

How did you get into modelling? I always liked the idea but never proactively pursued it until I answered an advertisement for Bikini Girls In the newspaper, ended up with some promotional work which opened door after door for me. 

How old where you at the time? 21

How long have you been modelling? I've been dabbling in the industry for some time, things have gotten a little more exciting in the last year or so with regular promotional work, bikini competions, and the occasional photoshoot :o)

What area of modelling are you most interested in? Swimwear, Lingerie, Fashion and Glamour,Promotional. My area of experience involves mostly promotional and swimwear, but I am interested in Fashion and Glamour also, one can never have too may feathers in their hat

What is your favourite thing about being a model? It is the best excuse to look after yourself and stay fit and healthy

List some of your Modelling Career Highlights/Credits: Working for Candi Promotions on the Gold Coast has been the time of my life so far

Where can we see more of you? Website URL's: I'm on

What is your most memorable modelling experience? Ring Card Girl for ZOO sponsored, FOX broadcast fight night at Gold Coast Convention Centre. That was fun. I love boxing!
What is your most forgettable modelling experience? As I take the catwalk in my French Maid costume at a bikini competition, the MC announces to the crowd that I might dust their 'privates' if they ask me nicely enough... there's some things you just don't say to a roomful of rowdy pub goers! Needless to say, I was hearing about it for the rest of the night... 

What are your thoughts on Bikini/Swimsuit Competitions? Can they help kick start your modelling? They can help, especially if you are sociable and open to opportunities, even if you don't take home a prize. The people you meet and contacts you make often become invaluable for career advice, chances for experience and avenues for work.

What are some of the Competitions that have you have been in? Miss Hinterland 2011, Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2010, Miss Hinterland 2010, Miss Options Angel 2010, Miss V8 2010, Face of Origin 2010

Are there any Magazines you would like to see yourself on the Cover of? I'm honoured to be a covergirl for Australian Swimsuit Edition, but I'd also love a shot at some of the men's magazines like ZOO and FHM, and definitely some of the more interesting fashion mags like Frankie

What would be your dream modelling Job? Calender shoot on a tropical island perhaps? 

What would be your Dream Photo Shoot Location? The Maldives for sure! Have you seen that place? It's heaven!

Do you have any models that you look up to or admire? Miranda Kerr is amazing

What goals are you pursuing for the future/what would you like to accomplish? I'd like to find an agency that will help me pursue more photographic opportunities, I'd like to see my face on a poster somewhere, I'd be pretty excited to be part of an advertising campaign. 

What's your best feature? I like my legs and my belly but most people would say my eyes

How do you stay in shape? I like to stay active in general but when I need to tone up I skip rope in 20min sessions daily. An mp3 player helps.

If you weren’t modelling, what do you think you would be doing? I've worked in the finance industry previously, so I suppose that's where I'd still be if life had taken a different turn.

Do you have any advice for aspiring models? Decide what you want and go for it, meet as many people in the industry as you can, get as much advice and experience as possible, look after yourself (health and integrity)
What should models look out for or be weary of in the industry? Remember that there are some sharks out there, be smart and protect yourself. Don't do anything you're not comfortable with.

Photographer/s Credits: Steven Hayes Photography. Website:

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This Month's Cover Girl Photographer

Steven Hayes Photography
State: Caboolture, Qld
Steven Hayes Photography
Caboolture, Qld


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