February 2011

Age: 22
Year of birth: 1986
Star Sign: Aries
Nationality: Filipina/Australian
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Black/Dark Brown
Hair length: Medium
Weight: 51kg
Dress size:8
Shoe: 6/7



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Q and A's with April
Where were you born? Altona, Victoria
Favourite car? 67/69 Shelby GT Mustang - Fastback
Favourite colour? Blue
Favourite movie? Too many to list, Step up 2, The Notebook & Love and Basketball
Favourite TV show? Sex in the City
What kind of music do you listen to? Most everything, but always an RnB gurl
What are some of your turn ons? Dark skin, great eyes n lips, confidence (not self-involved, there's a difference)
What are some turn offs? Arrogance, fake people
What makes a woman sexy? I think what makes a woman sexy is confidence, independence, a down to earth/approachable personality and someone who is smiling n having fun
What do you sleep in? Just a comfy pair of jocks, hehe
Hobbies? Listening to music, Reading, Writing, Going to the beach, Having fun with friends
What are some of your ambitions? To make travelling a big part of my life and see what else the world has to offer, Write a book or two, Build impressive collection of reptiles, Write/Compose & Perform my own music... hehe, lots of different things - too many to list and some possibly a little unrealistic too :P
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Well travelled, Happy with a career im well accomplished in and enjoy, with a mini april running about the place (ooo scary thought!)
hehe and hopefully much into completing most of the above ambitions
Interesting facts about yourself? I own a pet python named Charlie, My dad once played for
Footscray Bulldogs and got mark of the century (and havent heard the end of it since,hehe) 
and i, yep really cant think of anything! :P
Most embarrassing moment? Wayyy too many!! haha, probably when i was doing a swimwear comp and there was baby oil all over the floor from the gurls oiling themselves up and when i went to walk off the stairs i slipped, and almost fell on my ass in front of the whole club!! Was a nice save by myself though mind you. ha
What do you do on a day off? Go to the beach, Go for a drive & listen to music, Take photos
What are two things most people don't know about you? I like to write, and I love reptiles
Who or what inspires you? Great music always inspires me, or a great true story and my
mum! (Have to be strong to put up with me :P)
What are you most proud of? My family, my strength in difficult situations - sometimes i
suprise myself :)
What is a common phrase you use? 'Live Freely, Love Deeply, Dream Madly...No Regrets'
If your friends could describe you, what word would they use? Random.. :P No, Hopefully
they would describe me as down-to-earth
What piece of clothing could you not live without? A push up bra! hehe

How long have you been modelling? First did some modelling about 3/4 years ago
How did you get into Modelling? I entered a Ralph swimwear comp as a joke
List some of your Modelling career highlights/Credits: Bartercard Miss Indy competition
2006 at Gold Coast, and Meeting some of the most amazing people along the way - like Mr Pete
Rollans here :)
What's your best feature? If we're not talking physical Id say my open mind attitude towards life, otherwise if physical probably my natural tan - 'Thanks mum!'
Where can we see more of you? A total myspace freak...www.myspace.com/aprildhobbs - Add me..if you love a chat
What Competitions have you been in? 2006 Ralph Swimwear Competition, 2006 Bartercard Miss Indy

The one thing I'm absolutely obsessed with lately is ...my Ipod!!
On a quiet, rainy day I usually ...SLEEP IN, then like to cuddle up and watch a dvd
If I were giving a tour of my home, the one place I wouldn't show anyone is ...Nothing
I wouldnt show.. ha
In a past life I was ...a Tiger :) or I wish... Strong, Independent and Loved :P
If I didn't have any responsibilities tomorrow morning, I would spend tonight
...SLEEPING - way tooo hungover right now from not having any responsibilities for today
instead :P Love partying with my gurls
If I didn't have any responsibilities for a week, I would go to ...the Goldy for the week and spend every day at the beach - laying in the sun n taking pics
If you asked my friends about me, the first thing they would tell you is ...that i love my
friends n having fun
The last thing I really splurged on was ...my iPOD Video 80gig :D ..My best friend
If I were going to a costume party tonight, I would dress as ...a burlesque dancer! They
always look like so much fun!
One thing I do only when I'm home completely alone is ...Dance and sing really loud :).. Who doesnt!
If I had to spend $1 million right now, I would ...be on the first flight over to the
maldives with my family!
If I had to spend $10 right now, I would ...buy a Double Beef n Bacon burger....yummmm
And if I had to spend $1 dollar right now, I would ...struggle to find something that costs a dollar - lollies!
The sexiest I've ever felt was ...oooo, too personal to tell ;) but its always great feeling sexy as much as you can
The one place I've seen that I'll never forget is ...the beach i went to the last time I was in the Phillipines, nothing is ever so beautiful as this beach at sunset - still 12yrs later its permanently imprinted in my mind
I won't date a man if he ...is more involved with himself than he is with me, if he never has a laugh - nothing is more unattractive than a man who is always serious, or in retrospect - a man who Never takes anything seriously. i pet hate both those things
When I open my eyes in the morning, the very first thing on my mind is ...Snoozing my
alarm and sleepin in just a little bit longer
My favorite thing to do in the comfort of my own room is ..hmmm, alot of things - my room
is my sanctuary...listen to music and read in bed
If I could be anything but a model, I would be ...modelling is never serious - it should always be fun, so I would love to be a creative, travelling Writer if anything
If I could be anywhere else in the world right now, I would be ...snorkelling under a hot
sun off the beach of a beautiful, quiet island somewhere - taking pics of everything underwater
In a group of people, I'm always the first to ...try & make a new friend out on the town
The one thing I'm superstitious about is ...most things, i believe in astrology, the supernatural, karma...alot of things :)
My personal hero is ...my mum!
Where's the one place you have to go when you're in your hometown? the beach or to
the sunset on top of The Alps drive
Any last comments? 
Just to..Live your life freely and be your own person as much as you can, Love deeply like you've never been hurt, Dream like mad about things you want to do in your life and wish to accomplish...and do all of this without regretting anything thats happened along the way -
Life is definitely a gift of experience and it should be made the most of always and anything that happens, good or bad should be taken as a learning tool for the future. Our experiences make us who we are.. haha, listen to me - I'm all serious.. JUST HAVE FUN! :)

Photography: Peter Rollans

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2008 . | Peter Rollans - Australian Swimsuit Edition.